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The Clandon Society

The Society is the residents’ association for West and East Clandon, dedicated to ensuring that the villages and their surroundings remain pleasant places in which to live.  The Society is working in conjunction with the West Clandon Parish Council to raise residents’ awareness of and encourage written responses to the potential impacts of developments proposed in the Guildford Borough Council Local Plan-2000 houses at Gosden Hill, 400 at Garlick’s Arch-and Surrey County Council’s proposals for developments at Newlands Corner.

The Society also monitors local developments and planning applications that could affect the villages and alerts residents if there may be cause for concern.  Submissions from the Society on behalf of residents have helped to influence planning decisions on proposed developments-e.g. the now abandoned secondary school on Cuckoo Farm and previous attempts to develop land at Dedswell Manor Farm and Gosden Hill.  The Society has also made representations on matters such as protection of open spaces, public footpaths, congestion, traffic calming and the siting of telecoms masts.

Society volunteers carry out an annual “spring clean” of verges in the villages to remove litter.

President: Theo Wallace 


The annual subscription of £5.00 per household and is now due for 2016/17.
Please pay electronically by standing order or by bank transfer using the following details: 

Name: Clandon Society

Account number: 76949410

Sort Code: 09 01 51

Bank: Santander

It is very important that you give clear details about which household your payment relates to.  If you are using a standing order or bank transfer please give the “reference” based on the following:

W for West Clandon
E for East Clandon
Up to 4 letters to identify your road or street           
Up to 8 letters to identify your house

Example: WTSLCROFT   West Clandon, The Street, Little Croft

If you do not wish to pay in this way then please send or deliver a cheque or cash (with your name and house name) to either the Hon. Treasurer Katherine Cornwall or the Chairman, Chris Dean as above.    

Contact Details

Eric Palmer


Bruce Cottage, The Street, West Clandon, GU4 7TE

01483 222551

Mrs Katherine Cornwall

Hon. Treasurer

Vine Cottage, The Street, West Clandon, GU4 7TG

01483 223978

Robert Wood


Chequers, The Street, West Clandon, GU4 7TG

01483 222424