What’s in the Neighbourhood Plan?

In common with other villages in the area, the Plan sets out what development we want to see in West Clandon and what it should look like. An important feature, for example, is a requirement that all development is in character with the surrounding area.

In West Clandon’s case, the Plan also defines the relationship we want between the v
illage of West Clandon and the likely developments at Gosden Hill Farm, most of which will be within the Parish boundary.

Who wrote the Neighbourhood Plan?

Your Parish Council wrote the plan in consultation with residents of West Clandon.

You may remember we circulated a questionnaire asking villagers what they valued about West Clandon and what they would like to see here in the future. After formal consultations and examination by a Government Inspector we now have a West Clandon Neighbourhood Plan, incorporating your views.

Download your Neighbourhood Plan 
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