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Clandon Church of England School

Clandon Cof E Primary School is situated in West Clandon. It is federated with Shere CofE Infant School and Nursery as Newlands CofE School Federation, formed in April 2021. Both schools share our Headteacher and School Business Manager.

Clandon school is attended by children from the local area and from Guildford, Send and Ripley. It is supported financially by the PCCs of both West Clandon and East Clandon. Each of the Clandons and Shere provide Foundation (church) School Governors.

Clandon School is grateful to the Onslow estate which has recently given access to the children and staff to the Wilderness Forest School site which provides an outdoor learning space.

The Newlands Federation’s Vision is to create an inclusive, industrious and inventive learning community built upon Christian virtues that goes beyond schooling, to provide an adaptive and holistic education based on the creation of knowledge, personal understanding and meaning.

 Children are excited about coming to Clandon School where they enjoy a wealth of enriching experiences and challenges enabling them to develop a love of life and an enthusiasm for learning. The standard of education is high and the learning environment is stimulating, happy and secure. The curriculum is broad and creative and  enhanced by the school’s strong links to the local churches and the community. An open door relationship between families and school is encouraged so we can work in partnership with parents and carers to create the best outcomes for children.

Head Teacher: Mrs Victoria Voller

01483 222442

The Street
West Clandon