From your Parish Council – A247 news, Wisley development & A3 slip roads

Jun 27, 2022 | News, Uncategorized


Following the meeting between SCC representatives and our Chairman, Surrey County Council have announced that funding will be available to go ahead with work on the A247/A3 slip road junction. SCC plan to close the right turn from the A247 to the A3 southbound slip road and direct traffic around the roundabout at Burnt Common. No date has yet been given for the start of this work and it is also not clear how traffic coming up Tithebarns Lane and wishing to turn right onto the A247 will be accommodated. Several Councillors were concerned that the solution will add to congestion on the Burnt Common roundabout but could be safer. Eventually, the Garlick’s Arch development will provide another route from the Portsmouth Road to the A247, bypassing the Burnt Common roundabout and providing a new roundabout at the A3 overbridge.

Wisley Development

As mentioned last month, the M25 Junction 10 project has been approved. The impact on traffic during the construction phase is likely to be severe. At the Ockham roundabout, a new road will join between the southbound off-slip road and Ockham Lane North. This will form the access to Wisley RHS gardens via a new bridge over the widened A3. The scale of tree removal from the Ockham roundabout to the Painshill junction will be very large and will dramatically change the appearance of a large area. Replacement planting will take place but it will be some years before the scars heal.

Meanwhile, Taylor Wimpey is expected to submit its planning application in July. The proposals for managing traffic generated by the site include 20mph speed restrictions on the roads and lanes around the site to encourage more cycling, together with enhanced bus services. A good deal of vehicle traffic to/from the site will undoubtedly use the Ockham roundabout to access the A3 going North and through Ripley to the A3 going South. Quite how Ripley will cope with this is not at all clear. One suggestion is that if slip roads are built at Burnt Common, traffic which would have joined the A3 by going through Ripley will not do so. This it is suggested would relieve the pressure on Ripley to compensate for the additional traffic generated by Wisley. Any traffic from the South wishing to go to the Wisley development would most likely still go through Ripley. The alternative route is to go up to the M25 junction and then return South to the Ockham roundabout.

It has also been announced that National Highways are to undertake survey work with a view to planning improvements to the A3 to the South of the Ockham roundabout. This will include consideration of slip roads to the A247.

Platinum Jubilee

The Royal British Legion jubilee celebration Village Day on Sunday 5th June was a very animated and enjoyable gathering.


The Parish Council approved expenditure for the replacement of the toddlers’ bucket type swings. The PC also agreed to purchase software to comply with the HMRC requirement to report VAT returns electronically and generally to provide a more up-to-date recording of finances.

The PC also approved a first draft of a new Risk Register for Council activities. This will replace the current, rather general statement of risks. It will aim to identify and record risks and the measures taken to mitigate them to ensure that our activities are safe, legal and prudent.

The PC had received several estimates for replacing or repairing the bus shelter on the A246 at Glebe Cottages which was blown over in the Eunice storm. Before deciding to approve what could be several thousand pounds, the PC agreed to canvas the nearby residents for their views on the need for a replacement shelter.

Air Quality

A resident had noted that according to a website pollution levels in the village were above World Health Organisation’s recommendations for Nitrogen Oxide and pariculates. Guildford Borough Council has responded to the Parish Council stating that the levels are currently below their action limits for an air quality management area (AQMA). The website does not state the source of the pollution levels given for West Clandon or any information about the date or how they were obtained.

A sidelight on this issue is the idea that pollution will decrease as more vehicles use other energy sources. However, electric vehicles will still produce particulates from tyre wear and Hydrogen vehicles will still produce NOx if the Hydrogen is burned.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday 13th July at 8:00 pm in the Village Hall.

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