West Clandon Parish Council

01483 385187:Clerk@westclandon.org.uk

Agendas and Minutes of Council Meetings

West Clandon Parish Council normally meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 8.00pm in the Village Hall.

The Parish Councils are statutory local authorities in their own right. Being at the grass roots and representing local communities which they serve the Parish Councils have an important part to play in local government. As executive bodies they have many statutory functions and act with the framework of legislation conferred on them by Parliament. Because of their local knowledge they are able to voice the view of inhabitants on many issues.


Audit and Accounts

Notice of Audit Completion 14/15
Guildford Borough Report on Remuneration of Parish Councillors
Notice of Audit Completion 15/16, Audit Report, Bank Reconciliation
Asset Register (Oct 2016)
Accounts Mar 2017 & Supplementary Letter

Accounts Mar 2018
Exercise of Public Rights
Notice of conclusion
Section 1&2,
Section 3

Accounts Mar 2019
Exercise of Public Rights
Notice of Conclusion
Section 1&2, Section 3


Publication Scheme

Code of Conduct

Recreation Ground Rules

Financial Regulations

Traveller Incursions

A247 Village Safety Scheme 2007

Data Protection

Privacy Notices

Consent to hold personal data form

Information Data Protection Policy

Removable Data Policy

New Councillor Contact Privacy Notice

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Data Breach Reporting Form

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